About Citizen Agency

It really is about you. And we aren't just saying that.

We are not one of those agencies who take on clients to tell them what they want to hear. We don't do viral marketing. We won't help 'create' your brand message. We won't push your pixels.

This 'consorgency' of talented individuals (small pieces, loosely joined..independents coming together on project basis) is brought together through the community focused love of Tara 'Citizen Rogue' Hunt and Chris 'Citizen Joe' Messina, who are known for their work on projects like:

Teh Space (formerly coworking)
Pinko Marketing

Creative Commons
Spread Firefox

Citizen Agency does have a mission: changing the world through empowering everyday people. We believe in architecting for collaboration, not merely participation.

Our core business is buillt on the following streams:

stream 1. Building stuff

Yep. We are going to build tools to continue to make it super simple for people to communicate, gather, collaborate and make a difference. We have some brilliant collaborants in our consorgency who don't only want to help others build stuff, we want to build essential tools ourselves.

No "business model". Just stuff that is important. If we make $$, it's a bonus. No VCs allowed. 😉 

stream 2. Building blocks for independents

This is another revenue-free model. This is our activist arm. This is how we stay true to the community. Here we will be continuing on with the coworking/barcamp/winecamp/etc. thread to create live collaboration spaces and communities. 

These are our passions. 

stream 3. Education

We are creating modules to assemble Crashpits/seminars/workshops on social media – everything from Microformats to Media Training to Pinko Marketing to AJAX. The core audience for these modular seminars will be established companies who want to know what this funky 'social media' and 'citizen journalism' is all about.These companies will know that it is really important to connect to their community, not just sell to it. And authenticity can't be taught. Seriously.

In this stream, we are expensive, but worth every penny. 😉 

stream 4. Consulting

Launching startups/helping other companies who 'get it' build communities…or foster their current one…helping technology companies with their architecture and user experience and making certain our clients are implementing web standards and open principles into their development.


All of these 'streams' work together (and there could be more streams as well) on some level to be part of the core goals and values of the agency (which aren't totally set yet, but some of which are):

  1. Continuing to shift power away from top-down structures and into the hands of the individual
  2. Making social media accessible for all
  3. Making open source more accessible to people
  4. Building a network of people around the world with the same goals

We'll do this through demonstrating it to people as well as learning from others. The brain trust that encircles the world is amazing connected today.


6 Responses to “About Citizen Agency”

  1. […] I have to acknowledge being inspired by Miss Rogue and her new Citizen Agency project. A lot of what you read in this blog is probably inspired by the same vision of seeing people empowered in a world dominated by large corporations. I’m too convinced that technology is an important component of a project like this, but education and action need to be core as well. […]

  2. juan Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m walking the same path, although may have a completely different destination. The “business model” you present is both brilliant and simple. I subscribe to the idea.

  3. Love Stream 2 ..
    Stream 3 — hopefully there will be a few places where nonprofits can drink from this stream without a huge tab.

  4. Martie Says:

    Catchy phrase “We believe in architecting for collaboration, not merely participation.”

  5. […] We’re calling it Citizen Agency. And we’re still trying to figure out what we’re gunna shape it into… but we’ve got some initial ideas. […]

  6. Hoasmarcoms Says:

    For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

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