Business Stuff 101

June 16, 2006

The radio silence is because we are trying to get all of that business stuff: like incorporating, setting up EIN's, payroll, etc. etc.

Once we figure it out, we will blog it so that others out there that don't know where to turn for this stuff (we're lucky we have super smart fellow entrepreneurs at Teh Space to give us advice). It's quite complicated. Or so we think.


5 Responses to “Business Stuff 101”

  1. Matt Says:

    Loved what Chris did for Flock, and look forward to seeing how this project evolves. Best of luck to you guys!

  2. Marc Canter Says:

    Nah – its simple. Just do great work and that’s all that matters.

  3. Natasha Says:

    For payroll — try this service

    I have done an extensive homework prior to choosing them and tried other options.

    By now, we have been using them for two years and it is the easiest payroll service you can find on the net for $40-45 a month.

    They notify you of all filings; all filings and payroll approvals are web-based, no faxing; and paystubs are available on-line for employees. (And, I am not on their sales team.)

    Having been through a business starting point/stage, I can relate to what you are going through.

    Good luck with your endeavour!!!

  4. James Harris Says:

    Tara and Chris,

    It was wonderful having dinner with you both and having you explain Citizen Agency. At dinner I thought that you both might be a little nutty, but after a week or so of stewing on it, coming back to Atlanta and watching traditional agencies fumble Social Media client opportunities, and reading some of the CoWork blogs I’m convinced that your not CRAZY, but geniuses. It took a few days to completely sink in, but I have developed a true appreciation for the time that we spent together and for your ideas around the agency of the future. THANKS for taking the time and for sharing.

    After being a small agency for 8 years and then having WPP buy my firm, and then 3 years later buying the majority of it back from them, I have seen a few sides of the game. I’m happy to share my lessons, mistakes and relationships. Should someone set up a WIKI so that this blog’s knowledge can be shared with the micro agencies / independents that will follow? Are you thinking that Citizen Agency is the name of your firm alone or is it the name of a movement that could include 1,000s of independent developers, writers, entrepreneurs, etc?

    However you two decide to slice it, we (Elemental and ListenShare) are in.

    All the best and God’s speed…

  5. Sean Savage Says:

    Now this shows promise. Congrats!

    Are you setting this up as a C corporation? A nonprofit?

    I have a feeling we’ll work together, and I hope it will be soon. Best of luck wading through the paperwork

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